ZWO ASI174MM Monochrome

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ZWO ASI 174MM Monochrome Camera

ZWO’s ASI 174MM Monochrome CMOS Camera delivers everything you look for in high resolution lunar, planetary and solar imaging.

Featuring a new generation Sony Pregius IMX174 CMOS sensor with a pixel array of 1936 x 1216 and 5.86 µm square pixels the ASI 174MM boasts a peak Quantum Efficiency (QE) of 78%.

The ASI 174MM is lightening fast capable of capturing 128FPS at full resolution with 12-bit ADC output using the full capability of USB 3.0 ports. It can still be used on USB2.0 hubs, however the download speeds will be slower and the maximum frame rate will be lower.

With ROI you can even capture at over 300FPS at 640×480 resolution!

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