ZWO ASI071MC Pro Cooled Astronomy Camera

$2,399.00 AUD

The ASI071 is an excellent full-color CMOS astronomy camera for the discerning astronomer who seeks a high power camera optimal for deep sky imaging. The sensor is an impressive and respectable 28.4mm diagonally, and provides a pixel array of 4944×3284. It’s a great choice for any kind of imaging, and works especially well for deep sky imaging. The sensor is a Sony IMX 071, which is a high level APS-C format sensor. The size per pixel is 4.78 microns.

One of this cameras greatest features is its incredibly low read noise and gain, averaging 2.3e at 24db gain. What this means is that it accrues interference very slowly, and can be active for long periods of time with minimal need to worry about trash data. This is compounded by the high power cooling system that lets the camera stay active for long periods of time without overheating. It is these features that make this camera excellent for deep sky imaging; it can take as long as it needs to capture as much data as you want.

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