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We try to share topical news and information about space and space photography as well as information about new astronomy products and anything else that crosses our desks we think you might be interested in!

Sky-Watcher AZ-Go2 Telescopes

Bintel News
Sky-Watcher has released a new series of “GOTO” telescopes – the AZ-Go2 range. The Sky-Watcher 114/450 AZ-Go2 Reflector telescope The AZ-Go2 mount There are several models in this new range,…

Introduction to Globular Clusters

Bintel News
Globular Clusters are some of the most fascinating objects in the night sky, as well as being spectacular deep-sky targets for telescopes of all sizes. One of the best globular…

Congrats to Andy Casely for his APOD

Bintel News
A NASA APOD is regarded as one of the highest recognitions that an astrophotographer can receive. Long time BINTEL customer and supporter Andy Casely was featured in today’s APOD for…

What’s the most distant star?

Bintel News
One question we’re asked at BINTEL all the time is “how far can I see?” The answer is sometimes surprising! In the Solar System the most distant object we can…

When Planets go Rogue

Bintel News
Up until only a few decades ago, every planet we knew existed in the Universe as well as all asteroids and comets, orbited the Sun. Since the first planet outside…
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