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2023 Newsletters

15th July 2023 New Celestron Telescopes & Binoculars on the way
8th July 2023 Celestron Spotting Scopes for when you’re on the move. Astro Night Torch giveaway
1st July 2023 Gravitational Waves spread across the Universe, ZWO Seestar news
17th June 2023 Kite stabilising binoculars – PST Solar scope 🌞 – some Tele Vue in stock + more
10th June 2023 King’s Birthday Long weekend specials on the Celestron StarSense DX 130 and TrailSeeker 80
3rd June 2023 Samyang Lenses for Milky Way season, Celestron Evolution 5 price drop, $750 cash back on Unistellar
27th May 2023 YouTube guide to deep-space imaging, Vespera price reduction + more!
20th May 2023 Our best ever price on the Unistellar eVscope Smart Telescope
13th May 2023 Smart Microscopes arrive at BINTEL – discover inner space on your phone/tablet from $199
6th May 2023 Which Smart Telescope is right for me. Celestron StarSense Dobs
29th April 2023 Win a pair of Nikon Binoculars. Telescopes for Mother’s Day. Give the gift of Whale🐳 Watching from just $65
22nd April 2023 Save on early bird orders for ZWO Smart Telescope & APO Telescopes + Eclipse pics!
15th April 2023 New ZWO Smart Telescope & AM3 mount at NEAF/news on space missions
8th April 2023 Why does the date of Easter change? More on dew control and cool galaxies
1st April 2023 DWARF II for bird and nature photos – just $799. Plenty of Solar Eclipse glasses in stock
25th March 2023 Leading image stabilising binoculars for boating & long-range bird watching. Handling dew on telescopes
18th March 2023 The best Sun filter for next month’s Solar Eclipse, binoculars for Solar viewing. Bird & nature photography
11th March 2023 Another comet? Yes, but you’ll have to wait until 2024 to see it plus a new range of astro torches & accessories
4th March 2023 Image stabilising binoculars arrive at BINTEL + can you help us out?
25th February 2023 The DWARF II Smart Telescope heads to BINTEL. $799 for telescope, mount and camera
18th February 2023 A chunk of space rock explodes over the English Channel 🔭Can we track them in the future?
4th February 2023 When and where to see the Comet ☄️ Binoculars & Telescopes for viewing it
28th January 2023 Celestron Birdwatching Binoculars ☄️ Why are comets green?
21st January 2023 Thousand Oaks Solar Filters 🌞 + Astro Buy and Sell
14th January 2023 Info on the upcoming Solar Eclipse + Olympus Binoculars
7th January 2023 There’s a comet on the way ☄️ + TEC premium USA made telescopes


2022 Newsletters

31st December 2022 Happy New Year – Looking back
25th December 2022 Happy Christmas from BINTEL – Our Boxing Day Specials are on now!
21st December 2022 Astrophotographer of the Year Winners Announced
17th December 2022 Perfect gift for the space, astronomy or outdoor fanatic in your life + Join the search for exoplanets
14th December 2022 Latest update from Astro Santa 🎅 still time to give the Gift of Space 🔭 this Christmas
7th December 2022 There’s still time to arrange a telescope gift for Xmas 🔭 New Sky-Watcher mount now in stock
3rd December 2022 Remembering Apollo 17 fifty years on. 🚀 Vespera arriving soon + Olympus in store now
1st December 2022 Binoculars for sports, concerts and more
26th November 2022 Bird Watching Binoculars 🦆 + Is there life on Mars? (We’re not sure, but…….)
24th November 2022 Black Friday Astro Specials
19th November 2022 Xmas Buyers Guide part 3 – Binoculars & Spotting Scopes + Viewing Mars 🔭 with Celestron
12th November 2022 BINTEL’s Christmas 2022 Guide Part 2 – Computerised telescopes 🔭 plus Mars getting is closer
5th November 2022 Beginners’ Telescope Buyer Guide + Why is NASA is studying Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP)?
29th October 2022 Lunar eclipse 8th November. Celestron DX SCT bundles + Space Science with Unistellar
22nd October 2022 Is NASA going to crash land on Mars on purpose?
15th October 2022 JWST sees early galaxies ✨Aussie Bird Count + Astronomy 2023 available
8th October 2022 What is Celestron’s best-selling computerised telescope
30th September 2022 What’s a computerised telescope 🔭 Viewing the Sun 🌞
24th September 2022 NASA to test its Earth defence system + BINTEL DSLR workshop
17th September 2022 Why Coloured Filters? 🔴🔵 And why is a Dob called a Dob?
10th September 2022 ☄️ Did Jupiter save Earth’s bacon? + Binos for the Footy Finals! 🏆
3rd September 2022 🌟👈🏼 What’s that Bright Star in the East Right Now? And much more …
27th August 2022 Dad’s Day Specials 🎁 & Shaun the Sheep to the Moon! 🐑
20th August 2022 Where do Whales Migrate to? 🐋 & Win Dad a telescope! 🔭
13th August 2022 NASA Heads to the Moon 🌔 / Win a Father’s Day Telescope!
6th August 2022 What’s after the JWST? + Astro events for the family. 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦
30th July 2022 🌌 Binos from Celestron & Swarovski + Why Filters?
23rd July 2022 💦 How do you Control Dew? StarSense Dobs & Star Adventurer GTI Update!
16th July 2022 What’s next for JWST? Get set for Saturn, Jupiter + 🔭 More!
11th July 2022 ⚔️ Spotting Scope vs Binoculars? 3D Printing Service & Open Box Bargains!
3rd July 2022 🤔 What are Harmonic Drive Mounts? $75 Microscopes and More…
25th June 2022 🌖 Moon Features, JWST’s 1st Photo, History of Astrophotography & More!
17th June 2022 Dobs are Back! Vespera Robot Telescope & Kids Microscope Kits 🔬
9th June 2022 Saturn’s Changing Rings, FREE extras, Lunar Views & More 🔭
2nd June 2022 Eyepieces for The Moon & Planets & Meade LX90 Telescopes Back in Stock! 💪🏻
13th May 2022 Sag A* + Milky Way Season 🌌 + NEW Product Announcement!
4th May 2022 FREE Shipping for Binoculars & Spotting Scopes all May! 💙♥️💙
22nd April 2022 ✨ Counting Stars & New Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer GTI Mount
14th April 2022 Holiday Astro – Seeing the Moon at Night and Day!
8th April 2022 🐰 Easter with Celestron & Why the Date is Always Different 🧐
18th March 2022 Space Live on Screen, New Products & More! 📺
18th March 2022 Space Live on Screen, New Products & More! 📺
25th February 2022 The Sun, Evolux Telescopes & Learning about Microscopes! 🔭🔬
11th February 2022 Are you READY for Milky Way Season?? 🌌
18th January 2022 New Year, New Telescope (Accessories) !! ✨


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