Star Adventurer 2i Pro Kit Announced!

The upgraded version of the very popular Star Adventurer star tracking mount for DSLRs and small telescopes has been announced.

Appealing to the travelling nightscape and wide field astrophotographer, this new iteration of the Star Adventurer features WiFi app control that means the mount also doubles as a very capable motion/pan time-lapse intervalometer as well as being a polar aligned equatorial mount for deep exposures of space.

Preorders are open now : /product/skywatcher-star-adventurer-pro-kit-2i/

Example image (Dylan O’Donnell, 5 x 60s / f3.5 / ISO 3200 / Canon 6D Mk II / 28mm )

Example image (Dylan O’Donnell, 3 x 120s / f5.6 / ISO 3200 / Canon 6D Mk II / 135mm )


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