StellarMate Pro astro computers arriving at BINTEL

18th Jan 2024Class leading dedicated StellarMate astronomy computers heading to BINTEL

We’re happy to announce that BINTEL will be the Australian dealer for the  new StellarMate Pro astronomy computers from Ikarus.

Modern astro imaging can be complex as astronomers stretch the capabilities of their telescopes, mounts, cameras and host of other accessories, and even visual observers will benefit from accurate tracking and GOTO capabilities.

The StellarMate Pro is a dedicated, small computer that attaches to your telescope or mount and handles a wide range of functions that will make life much easier for astronomers of all levels of experience.

It can help you –

  • Setup and polar align your mount
  • Plan and automate your observing and imaging sessions
  • Frame and capture your images
  • “Live stack” for spectacular, real-time views of astro objects
  • Distribute power to your mount, camera, dew heaters and other accessories (Up to 60A!)
  • Even provide weather updates!
  • Plus so much more….

The StellarMate Pro computers offer the widest possible support for astro device via the INDI library (find out more about this here)

The entire platform is controlled via the StellarMate app running your phone, iPad or tablet.

There’s also support for Windows/MacOS and Linux via the Ekos Astrophotography application. This lets you remotely control StellarMate via Wi-Fi, Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN).

StellarMate Pro is based throughout on Open Source software.

Essentially, StellarMate Pro can be quickly and easily setup and run while at the same time having more than enough features and processing power to handle demanding astro environments.

There’s more information on the BINTEL StellarMate Pro products pages.

There are two StellarMate Pro computers available, one with 64GB of storage and 4GB of memory and the other with 128GB of storage and 8GB of memory. Optional mounting plates, interface cables and power supplies and other accessories are also on offer.

If you’re currently running multiple programs on your computer to control your mount and astronomy camera and want the widest possible range of features and support for future upgrades, it might be worth looking at the StellarMate Pro.


Earl White


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