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Check back monthly for a photographic update!

The above images are courtesy of long-term Bintel customer Andy Casely using his Celestron C14 on a CGX-L EQ Mount with ZWO 290MM Camera. Stunning stuff! Make sure to check back closer to July for more updates.   Celestron C14-AF XLT OTA (CGE) Fastar Celestron CGX-L German Equatorial Mount & Tripod ZWO ASI 290MM ZWO […]

Mars 2018 Opposition Details – Australia

mars opposition 2018

Mars will be at opposition on July 27th and visible throughout the night that month. This means it will be significantly bigger than normal, and in this particular instance bigger than we’ve seen it since 2003. An equivalently close approach will not occur again until the year 2050 (!!!), when Mars will be *slightly* bigger. […]