The Bintel Carina Challenge! Send us your best photos!

Carina is back in our Southern Skies and we thought, what better way to show our Northern Hemisphere friends how lucky we are down here to see the grandest nebula in the sky?

In fact, it’s even called “The Grand Nebula”. We’re asking you to send us your best shots of Carina, taken this year, to us before May 1st 2019 and we will be giving away 5 x $100 store vouchers to spend on more astronomy gear! We want to give away 5 because we will not be judging simply on “best image” which may sometimes be dictated by the expense of your equipment. We will be looking for great beginner shots as well as seriously technical achievements.

And the best part is – Carina is diverse. The region is dominated by a beautifully wide and bright nebula, but also contains many other interesting features like the Keyhole Nebula, “Mystic Mountain”, “God’s middle finger” and of course the Homunculus, the ejecta surrounding and obscuring the central star “Eta-car” itself. This feature is now said to be dispersing and will not be visible perhaps 10 years from now. Check the Wikipedia article on the Carina Nebula for more details.

So we welcome *any* part of the Carina region from the very wide to the very small using whatever equipment you like from Wide-DSLR shots to long-focal length details captured with large telescopes. Colour, mono, false colour narrowband – whatever you like. Just make sure they are your own – no rented telescopes or Hubble shots please! And only 2 submissions max per astronomer.

Good luck and clear skies!

The Bintel Team

(Cover photo by Dylan O’Donnell who is not invited to enter.)

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