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Aperture 250mm /9.84 inches
Maximum Magnification :500x
Resolving Limit (Dawes): :0.46" arcseconds
Native Focal Length / F: 1200mm / F4.8
Ideal Resolution : 0.67" - 2" arcseconds
Resolution 0.65" arcseconds per pixel
Slight Oversampling ✅
This configuration will result in slightly oversampled images which means the image may look slightly softer than a well-sampled image. This isn't significant however and can be managed through drizzling and/or reduction in post processing.

Camera Chip FOV 0.84° x 0.64°

Preview Targets by Relative Scale

*Note that planets apparent size is based on oppositon and will change throughout the year depending on their proximity to Earth.

Click on a telescope, camera or combination in the yellow boxes below to preview how large near and deep space objects will appear and whether the sampling is good for astrophotography. It’s easy! You can also enter in the specifications for any items that aren’t listed here.

The goal for astrophotographers is to choose a combination of telescope & camera that is neither under or oversampled. Note however that a little of either is ok and post processing can improve the end result. For example, Dither & Drizzle improves undersampling. Noise reduction & sharpening improves oversampling.

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