Two Perfect Starter Scopes from Saxon

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Winter’s Here! (It’s also the perfect time to buy your first telescope)

The colder months mean longer nights and a swag of planets, the Milky Way and other celestial delights above our heads.

This means it the prefect time to buy your first telescope and BINTEL has two models that are ideal for to start your astro journey

Saxon 707 AZ2  – $229 –  complete telescope kit

  • It’s a 70mm refractor. This means it’s traditional telescope with a main front lens 70mm across.
  • Lightweight and easily transported
  • It comes with a sturdy aluminum tripod, telescope mount, two eyepieces and finderscope
  • You’ll be able to take the Saxon 707 AZ2 out on your first night under the stars and start observing without needing to buy any unexpected extra. Everything you need is in the box.
  • Later on you can improve your views with better eyepieces and even take photos of the Moon through the Saxon 707 AZ2 with your phone.
  • It’s also great for viewing landscapes and ocean views.

Saxon 909  AZ3  – $399 –  complete telescope kit for more serious viewing

  • It’s a 90mm refractor. This means it’s traditional telescope with a main front lens 90mm across. While the front lens is only 20mm wider than the 70mm Sky-Watcher, it collects 65% more light than the smaller telescope. You’ll get brighter and more detailed views.
  • Heavy duty mount with slow motion controls
  • Everything you need to start observing. Improve your views with upgraded eyepieces and camera adaptors
  • 45 degree prism for easier views of nature, the land and sea
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