Update of the Vespera Smart Telescope due in the coming weeks

New Vespera II with handy upgrades on the way to BINTEL

24th January 2024 – Following on from the announcement this month by Vaonis at CES in Las Vegas of the new version of their Smart Telescope, the Vespera II will be arriving at BINTEL in a few weeks.

The original Vespera was already a big step up in terms of image quality compared to most other Smart Telescopes and the new version has some very handy new features:

  • NEW – 8.3-megapixel camera
  • NEW – f/5 focal ratio
  • NEW – double the storage

The  Vespera II also features the Vaonis CovalENS automatic mosaic feature. This in the only system currently available on any Smart Telescope that automatically takes multiple exposures and combines them together into a single image in real time, meaning it’s super easy to create an single image of up to 24-megapixels. A  few reviews of the Vespera II have used terms like “See the Universe in 4k” – but it actually goes quite beyond that.

The Horsehead region captured by a Vespera II telescope showing the power of the CovalENS live panorama mode. You can see a full resolution version of this image here. *No filters were used.* Download for a background or print it out.

You can find out more about the CovalENS  system here.

Aside from the superior image quality, another feature of the Vespera II that impresses us is the ability to share your views and images with up to 10 people locally and this includes projecting onto a large screen TV.  Of course it’s easy to share your images via social media as well.  The Singularity app that controls the Vespera II is especially well polished, easy to use and feature rich.

You can find out more about the Vespera II by the link below.

You can secure your Vespera II by Vaonis with a 25% deposit with delivery in a few weeks.

The folks here at BINTEL are looking forward to the Vespera II arriving  and heading out with it on a clear night – the images it will be produce of our beautiful southern skies are going to be amazing.


Earl White



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