Who has more moons? Jupiter or Saturn?

If you answered Jupiter .. you’re *probably* correct but only because we’re nowhere near finding them all. However the current “king of the moons” appears to be Saturn right now.

Recently using out increasingly more powerful arsenal of ground based telescopes, Saturn’s total moon count was increased to a whopping 82. Yeh, us backyard photographers will struggle to get close to that in our exposures!

PHOTO: A diagram showing the orbits of the 20 newly discovered moons around Saturn. (Supplied: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute)


Jupiter on the other hand also had it’s moon count increased to 79, so the king of the planets isn’t exactly lacking in moons and doesn’t have far to catch up!

One of Jupiter’s newest moons orbits prograde (normally), but since it’s among the retrograde (backwards) moon group, it’s probably marked for a deadly collision before too long. (Credit: Roberto Molar-Candanosa/Carnegie Institution for Science)
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